The company

Global Cards SA

Is a Swiss limited company, founded in Geneva in 1993 with an initial capital of 100,000 CHF, with the mission of developing and commercialising multifunctional cards and related technological services.

Nissim Avershal

The head and founder of Global Card SA, a high-tech entrepreneur who has several successful start-up companies to his name in Switzerland, the United States and Israel.

Global Information Management SA

Mr. Avershal was the founder of Global Information Management (GIM) SA which was a world leader in electronic document management and in particular, in mass digital storage and retrieval of banking authorization signatures.
One notable project was developed for the UBS group

where GIM implemented a solution for the intranet management of 3 million signature cards, on a network of 10 Sun multi-processor servers and about 20,000 PC clients throughout their offices in Switzerland.

And the same signature project for Julius Baer bank.

Another project, developed for the pharmaceutical sector, our American branch in Philadelphia, has greatly simplified the verification procedures of the FDA by replacing the physical transfer of documents (200,000 pages) with a digital version of the documents.

Global Monitoring

The Global Monitoring platform has a data acquisition engine that allows it to connect to various data sources: IoT, GPS trackers, IP cameras, BlueTooth devices etc. The inputs are passed through a user-defined logic rules that generate alerts and actions. the historical events data are calculated to find patterns that will help to prevent events instead of control it.

Global Interactive City SA

Global Interactive City SA was established  in the early internet time and supply free internet connection and mail in the Geneva area under the name of