Our Solutions


Global Monitoring

Global Monitoring is our flexible web platform which is the heart of our web-based products. The Global Monitoring platform has a flexible interface that allows it to connect to various sensors and devices such as: GPS trackers, IP cameras, BlueTooth devices etc. The inputs of the sensors are stored on the Global Monitoring servers, are displayed to the user by a set of user-defined displays and go through a user-defined logic that is able to generate alerts and actions.


GPS Tracking

Our GPS tracking solutions allow you to track anything, from cellular phones to cars, trucks and boats. The GPS coordinates of your device go through the data link of the cellular network, and can be displayed on a map from anywhere in the world. Location based and velocity based alerts can be easily defined. Some of our products contain an emergency button that allows the user to create a predefined emergency alert.

Video Surveillance

Our video sureveillence solutions allow you to bring cutting edge technology to your security systems.  The video of our top-notch IP cameras is stored on a local server, is streamed upon request to the user-defined displays, and can be viewed through a secure internet connection from anywhere in the world. Video motion detection (VMD) alerts can be easily configured and customized.

BlueTooth Access Control

Our BlueTooth based access control solution allows you upgrade your access control. Granting a temporary or permenant access can be easily and securly done from anywhere in the world, without the need to handover a physical key or RFID card.
The system allows simple tracking of the in and out flow from your asset, and could be easily integrated with a time management system.